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New Law Removes Restrictions on Sunday Alcohol Sale Times

Phoenix, AZ – A new law signed Thursday by Gov. Jan Brewer removes the last
vestiges of restrictions on the hours when beer, wine and liquor
can be sold on Sundays. Right now anyone who wants to buy a drink
at a resort or even get a six-pack to go on a Sunday has to wait
until at least 10 a.m. Under the new law, drinks will be able to
flow as early as 6 a.m. -- the same as the other six days of the
week. Rep. Matt Heinz acknowledged the law stems from the belief
that the rules should be different on what many consider to be
the Lord's Day.

(I think this law helps make sure that Arizona is properly
recognizing that the Lord's Day in some cases is Saturday, Friday
or Sunday, depending on if you're a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish,
Muslim, whatever. And also properly recognizes that for some
folks there isn't necessarily a Lord's Day.)

Sen. Frank Antenori who also pushed for the change said it's also
good for the economy -- and good for the state's financial bottom
line: An analysis prepared by legislative budget staffers
concluded selling beer, wine and hard liquor an extra four hours
a week could generate more than $430,000 a year in new tax
revenues. But don't rush down to the tavern this Sunday hoping to
get that mimosa: The first Sunday the law takes effect is August
1st. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.