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Voters Will Not Be Given Chance to Overturn SB1070

Phoenix, AZ – Two different groups had taken the first steps to referring SB
1070 to the ballot, a process allowed by the Arizona
Constitution. Both have now pulled the plug -- but for different
reasons. One is petition organizer Andrew Chavez.

(I think it came down to timing, Howie. Every indication looked
like we would have been on the 2010 ballot. And I think that the
short time line that would have given my client to launch a
campaign, they were uncomfortable with.)

Chavez said they had assumed that the late July deadline for
turning in the petitions would have come too late for this year's
election and they would have been able to put the law on hold --
and campaign against it -- until 2012. Jon Garrido who had
started his own effort, worried about what would happen if voters
didn't see things his way in November: The Constitution spells
out that once a law is approved by voters it can't be repealed by
the Legislature.

(I just decided that it was too much of a risk. I didn't want it
voter protected.)

Garrido said if the measure is not constitutionally protected,
that leaves the door open for legislative repeal -- but only if
those who don't want SB 1070 can somehow defeat supporters of the
bill and elect opponents. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard