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Brewer Worried Over Voter Rejection of Prop 100

Phoenix, AZ – It has been Brewer who has been pushing for more than a year for
a temporary tax hike to deal with the recession sending state
revenues into a tailspin. With her as chief drumbeater, lawmakers
agreed to put the issue on Tuesday's ballot. What that does is
tie Brewer to the fate of the issue, up or down.

(Well, as a truth-teller, I would probably believe that they
didn't believe me, you know, or they weren't given the right
information in order to make good decisions. This will be
difficult for me as it will for everybody that votes yes

The move is politically risky for Brewer, as her three main foes
in the Republican primary all oppose the levy. But she was
somewhat circumspect when asked if she's OK with the possibility
that her support for the measure will mean she won't be governor
next year.

(Well, you know, that's a horse of a different color. But the
bottom line is, I would love to be governor. But it's not about
Jan Brewer. This vote is not about Jan Brewer. This vote is about
the people of Arizona and getting our state turned around and
doing the right thing.)

But if Brewer survives the primary she will have some political
cover: Presumptive Democratic nominee Terry Goddard supports the
tax hike, saying it's the only reasonable alternative available
to protect education and other services. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.