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New Poll Shows Brewer Opening Up a Big Lead

Phoenix, AZ – The survey finds Brewer the favorite of 45 percent of Republicans
questioned. Just a month earlier her support stood at 26 percent.
The new poll has Dean Martin and Buz Mills at 18 percent, with
John Munger at just 3 percent. Pollster Earl de Berge said he
doesn't agree with the methodology used by Rasmussen Reports. But
he said it's obvious Brewer got a bounce, not just from her
signing the new immigration law but also that she got lawmakers
to refer the sales tax hike to the ballot and then helped the
successful campaign.

(She has addressed, in that vote, one of the issues that had
plagued her. And that was whether she was a strong leader capable
of getting something done. Well, she advocated this position from
the beginning and managed to pull it off. So I think it probably
addresses more the image of her as a leader than it does anything
on the immigration thing.)

Munger said her support of the tax hike is going to hurt her in
the GOP primary.

(There's not one single major Republican candidate include John
McCain, Jon Kyl or J.D. Hayworth or any of our congressional
delegation, or anybody else that's a mainstream player within the
Republican party in this state that supported that tax increase.)

But de Berge said the wide margin of victory for Proposition 100
might suggest a different attitude among rank and file
Republicans. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.