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A Look at Buz Mills New Campaign Video

Phoenix, AZ – The video opens with various shots of incumbent Jan Brewer, some
of her from the victory celebration last week after voters
approved Proposition 100.

(She just raised taxes. The billion dollar Brewer tax. But now we
learn Gov. Brewer is raiding $3 million in your tax dollars to
pay for her campaign. She said we're broke. So she raised our
taxes. Then spends your money on herself.)

The actual facts differ a bit -- and not just because Brewer
needed voter approval for that tax hike. The $3 million figure is
based on the $707,000 all publicly funded candidates for governor
get. Brewer will be in line for an extra $1.4 million because
Mills is spending far more than that $707,000. And the money is
not coming from the tax hike. The public funding system is
financed largely with a surcharge on civil, criminal and traffic
fines. The state is legally precluded from using those dollars
for anything else without voter OK. And the proceeds from that
just-approved tax are already earmarked for this coming year,
including $429 million for K-12 education and $107 million for
universities. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.