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President Plans to Send 1200 National Guard Soldiers to border

Phoenix, AZ – Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords took credit for the president's
decision, along with his request to Congress for an extra $500
million for border law enforcement. In a press release, she said
it shows the administration -- quote -- is beginning to take
border security seriously. The announcement came shortly before
John McCain took to the Senate floor with his amendment seeking
6,000 troops.

(I think that it is a recognition of the violence on the border
which has been really beyond description in some respects,
particularly on the Mexico side. I appreciate the additional
1,200 being send of the Guard as well as the additional $500
million. But it's simply not enough.)

That assessment is not strictly a Republican perspective.
Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry
Goddard echoed the sentiment.

(I believe it is a start. I did not say I thought it was the
answer in total. I don't believe it is. But we clearly now have
the focus of the administration, the attention of the
administration. Half a billion dollars, even in today's somewhat
superheated and inflated environment is not an inconsequential

No one was able to say how many of those soliders will be based
in this state. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.