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Opponents of State's New Immigration Law Hope for Large Crowd of Protesters

Phoenix, AZ – Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Labor Organizing
Network, said there's a need to focus attention on Arizona which
he said has become the testing ground for anti-immigrant

(It is in Arizona and other similar states where the immigration
debate has been polluted with hate and poisoned by bigotry. It is
in Arizona where some politicians and law enforcement agents have
become the folk heroes of white supremacist organizations and

Coalition members putting the event together are not focusing
solely on the march, or even on trying to convince individuals
and groups not to come to Arizona. They now want people to
boycott companies whose officers financially contribute to those
politicians who support the new law. One is Hensley and Co.,
owned in part by Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain, which
distributes Budweiser. But Alfredo Gutierrez said the issue goes
beyond the senator's new hard-line stance on immigration, citing
campaign donations by company CEO Robert Delgado.

(There are plenty of beers in the world, plenty of light beers in
the world. There is simply no need to support a company that is
subsidizing the forces of hate in Arizona.)

Calls to the company were not returned. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.