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Governor Brewer to Meet with President Obama

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer is in Washington this week for a meeting with other
governors. Before she left she asked for some face time with
President Obama to talk to him about border security. The
response was the president didn't have time in his schedule. On
Tuesday, though, the White House said some time opened up on
Thursday. Gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman said Brewer
wants to do more than just tell Obama about what she feels are
the failures of the federal government.

(We've heard talk now of the possibility of, quote, up to 12-
hundred National Guard troops along the entire border. We'd like
to hear some details of what that means for Arizona and what the
timeline might be, etc.)

Senseman said the two may talk about the possibility that Obama's
Department of Justice might sue Arizona over the state's new
immigration law. The president has said he fears the law could be
-- quote -- applied in a discriminatory fashion. Senseman said
Brewer will try to convince him otherwise.

(It has some of the strongest protections, in fact, of any
statute anywhere, in any state, against racial profiling. And so
she believes ultimately this case will be defended and it will be
found by the courts to be constitutional.)

No time has been announced for Thursday's meeting. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.