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Clean Elections Commission Refuses Brewer to Take Money from Private Sources

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer is campaigning for the Republican nomination with $707,000
in public funds. But she also was counting on getting more now
that Buz Mills already has spent $2.3 million of his own cash.
That possibility disappeared Tuesday when the Supreme Court
blocked matching funds. On Wednesday Lisa Hauser, Brewer's
attorney, asked the commission to let her and other candidates in
the same situation make up the difference with private donations.

(Our campaign does not have the funds necessary currently to
secure television and radio advertising at any level necessary to
defend ourselves from negative attacks. The result is the
campaign will be stripped of any significant ability to defend
itself as negative attacks increase in frequency and ferocity.)

But David Cantelme, who represents Mills, said what Brewer wants
is unfair.

(She can't have it both ways. If she wants to raise private
money, give the $707,000 back. Start over. You can't have both
ways. That's completely unfair to all other candidates. Or, give
a check to everybody.)

Commission members said neither is a legal option. They expressed
sympathy for problem faced by Brewer and other publicly funded
candidates but said the Supreme Court order leaves them powerless
to give the governor what she wants. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.