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Governor Wants White House to Act Now on Border Issues

Phoenix, AZ – The first is over what exactly Barack Obama told Jan Brewer when
they met on June 3 in the Oval Office. Both agree the president
promised to provide her information about his plans to put 12-
hundred National Guard soldiers along the border and how he
intends to use an extra $500 million he wants from Congress. But
Brewer insisted he promised to get her that information in two
weeks -- two weeks that were up Thursday.

(You know, I don't know really what to believe, that obviously is
not abiding by what he told me or what he said in our
conversation that we had face to face. It's disappointing.)

The White House released a statement saying the president made no
such two-week commitment. Spokesman Adam Abrams said the
president -- quote -- made it clear Gov. Brewer that he would
send White House staff to Arizona this month.

(That's absolutely incorrect.)

They told her two weeks?

(Absolutely. Solid. Two weeks. I said when. Within two weeks.)

The other surrounds a blog posting of an interview Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton did more than a week ago with a television
station in Ecuador. Asked about Arizona's new law aimed at
illegal immigrants, Clinton said the president has spoken out
against the law because he thinks that the federal government
should determine immigration policy. It was what followed that
got Brewer's attention.

(And the Justice Department, under his direction, will be
bringing a lawsuit against the act.)

While Obama asked Attorney General Eric Holder to examine the
Arizona law, the president has said it will be up to the Justice
Department to decide whether to add its voice to five other
federal court lawsuits contending the measure is
unconstitutional. Brewer said the Clinto tape suggests that's not
the case -- and that the decision has been made.

(That is just totally outrageous that the people of Arizona would
have to get this information vis-a-vis a blog from the president
of our country from Hillary Clinton in Ecuador that they're going
to sue us, without coming straight to the state of Arizona and
notifying me personally. It's outrageous and it's unacceptable.)

The White House referred questions on that issue to the Justice
Department. That agency would not answer questions about what, if
anything, the president directed Holder to do about the Arizona
measure. Instead, spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said only that her
agency -- quote -- continues to review the law. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.