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Nation's High Court to Review Legalisy of State's Employer Sanctions Law

Phoenix, AZ – The 2007 law allows a state judge to suspend or revoke any and
all state licenses and permits of any business found guilty of
knowingly hiring undocumented workers. A coalition ranging from
the state chamber of commerce to the ACLU filed suit, saying that
infringes on the exclusive right of the federal government to
regulate immigration. But both a trial judge and the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals said the Arizona law fits within a narrow
exception letting states yank the licenses of errant firms. But
attorney Julie Pace who represents the chamber said that
exception is not at broad as the courts have ruled.

(After the federal government has made a determination through
its proceedings through the Department of Homeland Security that
a company has knowingly hired an undocumented worker, then the
states can pull back the license, at that point.)

Sen. Russell Pearce who crafted the law acknowledged some concern
that the Supreme Court will now review it, as it takes four of
the nine justices to make that move.

(I suspect you've got two or three who want to take it in a
heartbeat because they don't want the laws enforced. They don't
believe in states' rights. They don't even believe in the
Constitution if you listen to them talk.)

A decision on the fate of the law is not likely until sometime
next year. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.