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ACLU Warning Creating New Headaches for State

Phoenix, AZ – Alessandra Meetze, president of the Arizona chapter of the ACLU
said affiliates from 32 states are issuing advisories telling
people who intend to travel to Arizona that they need to be
informed of their rights.

(They should know the political realities on the ground and the
social realities on the ground. They should know that we have a
state with a long history of profiling and that we have been
receiving an increase in complaints from people who feel like
they've been targeted by police who ask them questions about
their status.)

Meetze said the demand for additional identification is occurring
even though SB 1070, which imposes new requirements on police to
question some of those they stop, is not set to take effect until
July 29. The advisory comes as a gubernatorial task force is
looking for ways to boost tourism in the wake of fallout from the
legislation. Kristen Jarnagin of the Arizona Hotel and Lodging
Association said the goal is not to debate the bill but to get
out a positive message.

(We are not all hateful people. We are a friendly state. You're
not going to be unnecessarily harassed when you come here. You're
not going to be stopped as a visitor for the color of your skin
and deported.)

But Jarnagin acknowledged that all the publicity about the new
law makes that an uphill battle. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.