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Brewer Cancels Meeting of Border Governors

Phoenix, AZ – The annual conference rotates among the six Mexican and four U.S.
border states. This year was Arizona's turn, with Brewer to host.
But the Mexican governors wrote to Brewer saying they won't come
to Arizona in the wake of her decision to sign a tough new
immigration law. Now, some of her domestic counterparts are
planning to move it. That includes fellow Republican Arnold
Schwarzenegger. Francisco Castillo, his press aide, explains.

(He definitely believes the conference is a valuable forum. And
it provides a platform for the 10 border states to work together
on their mutual concerns. And he obviously is proud of the
success they've accomplished over the past years to tackle those
challenges and looks forward to continuing the dialog this year
at an alternative site.)

And New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has questioned whether Brewer
has the power to unilaterally cancel the three-day conference.
Brewer said she is disappointed that her colleagues would look to
move the event because of the boycott decision by the Mexican

(I certainly wouldn't believe it wouldn't be the right thing to
do. I mean, we had it. We were ready to host it. We were ready to
go. For them to determine at the last minute they're not going to
come I think would not be fair.)

And Brewer said she was more than willing to discuss SB 1070
though she offered no apology for signing it. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.