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Buz Mills Pulls Out of Governor Race

Phoenix, AZ – Northern Arizona businessman Buz Mills has pulled out of the
race. The move comes after he has spent at least $3.2 million of
his own money but has barely made a dent in Brewer's popularity.
In a prepared statement, Mills said he wanted to offer a more
fiscally conservative alternative for Republican voters. And he
said that, under normal circumstances, he would have expected to
do well. But Mills said these aren't normal circumstances. He
said the primary battle has been focused not on the things he
wants, like the economy and higher taxes, but instead on illegal
immigration and passage of a tough new law aimed at battling the
problem. He said that has made what he called the chasm of
differences he has with Brewer over those economic issues
immaterial. An aide to Mills said he won't be endorsing Brewer,
though he will work to elect candidates in other races who share
his philosophy. Mills announcement comes just days after state
Treasurer Dean Martin suspended his own campaign. That leaves
Brewer and Matt Jette as the only remaining candidates in the GOP
primary. And Jette, running with his own cash, has yet to show up
as a factor among Republicans. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.