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New Poll Suggest Hayworth Losing Ground on Bid for Senator

Phoenix, AZ – The survey by the Behavior Research Center finds McCain favored
by 64 percent of the Republicans and independents who intend to
vote in the GOP primary. That's up 10 points from two months
earlier. Hayworth, by contrast, now picks up just 19 percent of
the vote of the same group. Hayworth campaign spokesman Mark
Sanders dismissed the numbers as -- quote -- wholly inaccurate.
Sanders won't share Hayworth's internal surveys. But he prefers
the results of automated telephone polling by Rasmussen Reports,
the most recent of which showed J.D. trailing by just 11 points.
But he is still trailing.

(John McCain has run a $6 million campaign. About $3 million of
that has been on negative advertising about Hayworth.)

That includes a commercial about Hayworth's role in 2007, after
he left the U.S. House of Representatives, as a television
pitchman in a free money infomercial. Hayworth has called the
move -- quote --- a mistake, saying he did not properly research
the company. Sanders admitted Hayworth will never match McCain's

(We'll be on TV, telling our side of the story, talking about
John McCain's failed record, talking about the things Hayworth
wants to do for this state.)

But time is running short: Early voting begins July 29. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.