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Poll Shows Brewer with Big Lead Over Goddard

Phoenix, AZ – The Behavior Research Center survey finds Brewer the choice of 45
percent of registered voters questioned, versus just 25 percent
for Goddard. Pollster Earl de Berge said the governor is riding a
wave of popularity because of her support for the state's tough
new immigration law. Goddard acknowledged that but insisted she
can't ride that forever.

(I still think the most important issue is the budget and the
economy. And I'm going to continue to talk about that. And I
believe most voters have that as their underlying concern.)

But that tactic did not work for either Dean Martin or Buz Mills,
who failed to gain traction in their bid to get their party's
nomination by being critical of how the governor has handled the
state's deficit. Goddard said he is undeterred.

(Signing one bill that she had very little to do with developing,
it seems to mean has obviously given her a great notoriety at the
moment. But I think there are a lot more things in Arizona on
voters' minds than just that one bill.)

The poll had some good news for Goddard. He's running neck-and-
neck with Brewer among women. And he has a big lead among Latino
voters. But de Berge said that may not help much, even with
Hispanics making up 30 percent of the state, as they
traditionally have a very low voter turnout. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.