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New Poll Suggests Arizonans Concerned Efforts to Identify Illegal Immigrants may Infringe on US Citizen's Rights

Phoenix, AZ – The question asked by Rasmussen Reports doesn't specifically
mention Arizona's new immigration law. But the survey was taken a
day after a federal judge enjoined the state from enforcing parts
of SB 1070 but allowed other sections to take effect. That
includes a provision making it a crime in some circumstances for
people to transport, harbor or conceal illegal immigrants.
Overall, Rasmussen finds 28 percent of those questioned say they
have strong concerns that the civil rights of legal residents
will be affected by the push to find and deport those who are in
this country illegally. Another 16 percent expressed some worry.
Sen. Russell Pearce who crafted the law said he's not surprised.
He said some of that is due to -- quote -- the left -- unquote --
which doesn't want immigration laws enforced and seeks to promote
fear. But Pearce conceded that's not the whole story.

(And then you have the good conservatives that have a natural
distrust for too much government, too much power. So you get a
mix. So even though they support the bill you have a natural
distrust in government and how they will administer such a law.)

Pearce said he understands that feeling. But he said citizens
need to believe that police officers, as professionals, will not
abuse the powers in the law. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.