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Incumbent Jan Brewer may only participate in one debate

Phoenix, AZ – Assuming no surprises today, Brewer will be the Republican
nominee for governor. And because she's getting public funds --
$707,000 for the primary and more than $1 million for the general
election -- she's required to participate in one debate sponsored
by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. That's a week from
this Wednesday. But Brewer, who stopped to talk to reporters
today after casting her ballot, won't commit to doing more than
that one between then and the Nov. 2 election. Even Janet
Napolitano, who was leading Republican foe Len Munsil by a wide
margin four years ago, had two debates with him.

(There's a good possibility we might do that. We might do two or
we might do three. We might do four.)

And she might do just one?

(We're getting through the primary right now. I just cast my vote
for Jan Brewer for governor. First time in my life.)

Democrat Terry Goddard has asked for a series of six debates,
each in a different city and each on a different topic. Goddard's
challenge is not surprising. He is trailing Brewer badly in the
polls, with a Rasmussen Reports survey just last month finding
him 19 points behind. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard