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First National Guards Arrive at Border

Phoenix, AZ – Eventually there will be 532 soldiers stationed at and around the
border. Most will be handling surveillance. But Mario Escalante
of Customs and Border Patrol said that means more than simply
looking for people trying to enter the country illegally.

(They're there in positions that not only work to help us see
better, to see what's going on, but they're also in positions
that act as a deterrent. Because they're at a high point where
it's visible for maybe folks who are are attempting to cross to
see them and say, you know what? I'm not going to cross through

The deployment, part of 1,200 soldiers sent to the border by the
president, comes as the Obama administration is under fire,
mostly by Republicans, for not doing enough. But Homeland
Security secretary Janet Napolitano said things are far better
now than when she was Arizona governor. And she said her agency
isn't just going to throw money at the problem.

(But when you tie your resources to getting good information,
good intel, when you have a good working partnership with Mexico,
Mexican law enforcement at the federal level, and when you have
the kind of increases of boots on the ground, technology,
infrastructure that we've seen, and now can add to, that is a
very, very strong border presence.)

None of that impressed Gov. Jan Brewer who put out a statement
saying that even more is needed. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.