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Brewer Gives Inaugural Address Today

Phoenix, AZ – It was just under two years ago that Brewer first took the oath
after inheriting the office when Janet Napolitano quit. Now
Brewer gets to be sworn in on for a full four-year term, and on
her own merits, having handily defeated her Democratic foe. But
the governor told Arizona Public Radio that doesn't mean she's
going to present some grand plan.

(I think that it's going to be short. And I think that it's going
to talk about where we've been for the last few years and where I
intend to take the state into the future.)

Nor will the governor, who is only being allotted seven minutes
for today's ceremony, spell out the legislation she wants
lawmakers to enact when they return a week from today.

(We're going to save the State of the State for the State of the

And the specifics of how Brewer intends to deal with the $825
million deficit for the balance of this fiscal year and an
anticipated $1.4 billion gap between revenues and expenses for
the coming year won't be released until Jan. 14. So what's left?

(I would look at it as more of a story of where we've been and
where we're headed. And, you know, I find it very hopeful for the
people of Arizona.)

As little time as Brewer is getting, it's worse for the other
statewide elected officials who are being sworn in at the same
time and are sharing the stage: They each get only two minutes.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.