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Brewer Defends State Law of Sellings Guns Without Background Checks

Phoenix, AZ – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released video of
undercover investigators buying pistols at a Phoenix gun show
conducted just two weeks after the Tucson shootings. Federal law
does not require background checks for person-to-person sales,
which is what these gun shows technically are. But it is a crime
to sell to someone when there is reasonable cause to believe the
buyer can't own one. In at least two cases the sales were made
even after agents told sellers they probably couldn't pass a
background check. States can impose stricter requirements. But
Brewer said there's nothing wrong with Arizona laws.

(I think that's something that certainly the Legislature and I
decide. And, you know, we believe our laws are fair and just in
the state of Arizona.)

Not only does Arizona not require background checks at gun shows,
lawmakers PROHIBIT cities from imposing conditions on those who
use convention centers for their shows. Bloomberg spokesman Jason
Post said the mayor is not seeking to change Arizona law. Instead
he said Bloomberg wants to supersede it with stricter federal

(All transfers from occasional sellers would be subject to a
background check except for inheritance, within a family member
or someone who has a permit.)

Post said Bloomberg also would like gun show operators to impose
their own voluntary requirements for background checks. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.