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State Senate Votes to Let Legislators Nullify Federal Laws

Phoenix, AZ – The measure would let lawmakers review all federal actions and
declare any of them null and void. If that happens, the
legislation says -- quote -- this state and its citizens shall
not recognize or be obligated to live under the statute, mandate
or executive order. Sen. Lori Klein said the U.S. Constitution
gives the federal government only limited powers.

(A bill like this is necessary to give us the process by which we
can look at the enumerated powers the federal government has and
how they're actually bankrupting our state by some of the laws
that are being passed that I would deem to say are
unconstitutional. So this gives our body the ability to look at
Obamacare and some other things that truly will throw this state
into the Third World Country that we don't want to be.)

Sen. Paula Aboud chose not to fight the measure, instead
proposing that Pima County be allowed to secede the day this
takes effect. The Tucson Democrat said residents of her community
do want to be part of this state.

(But we don't want to be part of this state that continues to
embarrass Arizona. The business community, hospitality industry
and the tourism industry has asked this community of legislators,
this body, to stop the amendments, stop the bills to make Arizona
look ridiculous.)

Aboud's amendment was defeated as the Senate approved the
nullification plan. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard