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State Voted to put New Restrictions on Medical Abortions

Phoenix, AZ – Current law allows only a doctor to perform a surgical abortion.
But terminating a pregnancy with RU-486 can be done by a trained
nurse practitioner. Rep. Kimberly Yee said that exception has to

(Medication abortions can have very serious complications and are
not a safer alternative to surgical abortions. In fact,
instructions for the abortion pill say nearly all women who
receive the abortion pill will report adverse reaction.)

Bryan Howard, president of Planned Parenthood Arizona, said that
would end all abortions now performed at rural clinics. But he
said that it also will mean fewer clinics in urban areas where
abortions can be performed, leading to longer wait times. Rep.
Katie Hobbs said that runs counter to the stated goals of
sponsors to protect the health of women.

(I suggest we don't continue down this path of continuing to
limit and reduce, limit access to legal and safe abortion.
Because what we will do is return to the days of illegal back-
alley abortions where there are no standards of care, no concern
for the safety of the women obtaining these procedures.)

The measure also requires that women be given the opportunity to
view the ultrasound, and hear the heartbeat, of the unborn child
before terminating the pregnancy. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.