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State Senators Vote to Allow Guns on Some Places at Colleges and Universities

Phoenix, AZ – The original version of the bill would have let anyone with a
state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon bring it into any
university or community college building. Unable to get the votes
for that, Sen. Ron Gould agreed to a deal: Guns would be allowed
only on public rights of way.

(How this in effect is going to work is if you're going to class
you're going to have to leave your gun in your car. Currently
they can prohibit them on the sidewalk or anyplace on the campus.
And this would allow them on the thoroughfares where people are

But that line isn't exactly clear. Generally speaking, rights of
way involve streets open to the public and the adjacent
sidewalks. NAU's Tom Bauer said that will open some areas of the
campus to guns, as some roads, while maintained by the
university, are public rights of way. ASU and the U of A as urban
campuses are likely in the same position. The only consensus is
that the lawyers at all the schools are going to spend a lot of
time checking the legal designation of the streets around and
through each campus. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard