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Wallow Fire Top Concern for State

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer said her day started with a call from the president informing her that the Wallow fire is the number one priority in the country and asking her if there is anything more she needs from the federal government. The governor, talking with Arizona Public Radio from near the fire, said she told him about concerns from those in the area about what they see as a lack of communication.

(They don't believe its getting enough up-to-date current information and that there was anything he could do in regards to that, that I believed they were doing two briefings a day and that if they could maybe do some updates during that time period during the day more consistently, that would be greatly appreciated.)

The request apparently paid off. The governor said she later got a text message that the federal agencies would do interim updates. Brewer said she understands that there are conflicting demands being placed on all involved.

(You know, with the federal government, the United States Forest Service and with all the law enforcement, fire fighters and everybody up here, their major concern, of course, is what? The safety and protection of life and then getting the fire put out. And of course, those people who have been evacuated are concerned about where their house is and has there been any damage and has is burned down.)

The governor also said that residents can get some information through the state's own emergency web site at For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.