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Brewer takes first steps toward removing one or more members of the Independent Redistricting Commission

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – Republicans are unhappy with the lines the commission has drawn, saying there should be more GOP-dominated legislative and congressional districts. But now Brewer is claiming that some of those districts were drawn illegally, paying more attention to making them politically competitive than to protecting communities of interest. So she wants the commissioners to explain to her exactly what they did and why. Brewer also wants answers to allegations that panel members broke the Open Meeting Law and possibly were involved in bid rigging. Press aide Matthew Benson said his boss will take note if the commissioners ignore her request.

(It would be looked upon negatively if the commission opts not to address any of these substantive allegations. The constitution affords the governor this opportunity to seek answers. And she'll certainly take into account if they don't take her up on that opportunity.)

The questions are more than academic. The constitution allows the governor to remove any commissioner from office for misconduct with consent of two-thirds of the Senate, which just happens to be the margin of GOP control. Senate Minority Leader David Schapira said Republicans just cannot get used to the idea that voters took away the right of lawmakers to draw district lines a decade ago and gave it to the commission.

(The Attorney General, the Republican Legislature and now the Governor are abusing their public offices for partisan gain. The voters told them to butt out, but they just won't take no for an answer.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.