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FBI Also Reports AG Horne Involved in Hit and Run

Gage Skidmore

The FBI probe into Tom Horne's campaign finance resulted in a discovery unrelated to how money was being spent to get him elected attorney general.

It turns out federal agents were following Horne as far back as March. What they observed was a vehicle that Horne was driving back in to a parked Range Rover -- and take off. Horne told Arizona Public Radio he first learned of the incident from the office of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery which was working with the FBI on the inquiry.

"I'm told that I bumped into another car pulling out of a parking spot," Horne said. "Another parked car. Apparently at the time I didn't think there was damage. I was told later there was damage. I was happy to pay if there was any damage to the person's bumper. I'm happy to pay for it. Sent a letter to Montgomery. Never heard back. So as soon as I hear whose bumper I may have damaged I'll be happy to pay for it."

But an investigator's report provides some other details. FBI agents watching Horne's state office said Carmen Chenal, a disbarred attorney working for Horne, left the office and drove to a nearby parking garage. Horne left separately, ending up at the same garage. Then Horne, now wearing a baseball hat, drove that first car out of the garage and they ended up at Chenal's residence where the accident occurred. Horne would not say where he was going, only that the area has lots of nice restaurants. The incident has been turned over to Phoenix police.