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Las Vegas Casino Owner Gave Governor's PAC $250,000

A major financier of Republican candidates and causes gave Gov. Jan Brewer a quarter million dollars to spread around on congressional races. 

New campaign finance reports show Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, who own the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, made the contribution to Jan PAC, the governor's federal political action committee, on October 18th. That's one day after the donation would have had to be publicly disclosed BEFORE last month's election.

"I have known Mr. Adelson for some time," Governor Brewer said. "And have enjoyed a relationship with him over a few years. And was very appreciative of his donation that he made to Jan PAC to have an impact on the elections."

That $250,000 amounted to more than a quarter of what Brewer raised all year. But it's relatively small potatoes for the Adelsons who spent more than $90 million this election cycle, including more than $30 million alone into efforts to elect Mitt Romney. Most of Brewer's money went to trying to affect congressional races here. But her backing proved no more successful. All three candidates she supported for U.S. House were defeated, though Jeff Flake, who got a $100,000 independent expenditure from Jan PAC, did win his Senate race. Brewer had no regrets.

"You know," she said, "I backed the people that I thought would serve us well here in Arizona and those in other areas.)

Brewer will get new chances to influence future elections: She still has about $245,000 left over.

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