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Gov. Brewer has Some Debate Advice for Gubernatorial Candidates

Michael Chow/The Republic

Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports that Gov. Jan Brewer has some last-minute advice for Fred DuVal and Doug Ducey as they face off tonight in the first of a series of debates.

Brewer knows something about political debates. In fact, she made national news four years ago, not for what she said, but for what she didn’t say — and how long she didn’t say it.

“Don’t pause,” Brewer said.

It was during her lone televised debate with Terry Goddard in 2010 that Brewer suffered what she called the longest 16 seconds of her life. It was actually closer to 10 — but an eternity of dead air. Brewer went on to win the election despite the brain fade.

“I don’t know, it actually helped me in the polls, I’m told,” Brewer said.

So what does she think is the best way for someone to avoid repeating that gaffe?

“Well, don’t listen to what the other person is saying and just concentrate, of course, on what your message is. That was one of the issues that night. I was listening because I was going to respond to Terry and rip him. And then there were so many things I wanted to rip him on, I had to think about it. So there you go,” Brewer said.

Brewer said she will be watching tonight.

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