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50,000 Signatures Gathered for Arizona Recreational Marijuana Legalization

David McNew/Getty Images

A group advocating for the legalization of recreational marijuana has collected a third of the signatures it needs for Arizona’s 2016 ballot. Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

By July of next year, the Marijuana Policy Project must gather 150,000 signatures in order to put the measure to voters. The proposed initiative would legalize growing and using marijuana for those 21 and older. It would also allow the state to regulate and tax pot sales with the revenue benefitting education.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington D.C. There are legalization referendums in the works in several other states as well.

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk is spearheading an effort against the legalization of recreational marijuana in Arizona. She says it causes negative health and psychological effects.

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