Southbound Lanes of I-17 Re-open After Vehicle Fire

Jun 14, 2019

The Arizona Department of Transportation says the southbound lanes of Interstate-17 re-opened shortly after 9:30 Friday morning after the road was closed for more than 6 hours because of a vehicle fire.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the semi fire happened on southbound I-17 north of State Route 69.Credit (Source: Arizona Department of Transportation)Edit | Remove

Arizona Department of Transportation

If you look at a map of upcoming or ongoing construction projects around northern Arizona, it’s hard to find a major highway without some roadwork. 

Authorities are advising travelers and commuters using roads and highways of higher elevations of northern Arizona to be prepared for potentially hazardous driving conditions through Thursday morning due to a late-season snowstorm.


Snowfall closed schools and kept snow plow operators busy across northern Arizona's highway country early Wednesday.


Authorities are discouraging travel in parts of northern Arizona's high country due to an approaching storm expected to produce heavy snowfall, strong winds and wind chills in the single digits.