Arizona Court of Appeals

Court To Hear Appeal Of Jodi Arias' Murder Conviction

Oct 17, 2019

Lawyers are scheduled to make arguments Thursday before the Arizona Court of Appeals as Jodi Arias seeks to overturn her murder conviction in the 2008 death of her former boyfriend. Arias argues a prosecutor's misconduct and a judge's failure to control news coverage during the case deprived her of the right to a fair trial.

The Arizona Court of Appeals is siding with state regulators who disciplined a Mesa funeral home for stacking containers of bodies.

Arizona Department of Corrections

An Arizona court has ruled that an inmate awaiting trial in a prison killing in Tucson isn't entitled to an unredacted copy of the Department of Corrections file on his gang membership.

The Arizona Supreme Court is scheduled Monday to decide the constitutionality of Phoenix's anti-discrimination ordinance that bars businesses from refusing service to same-sex couples for religion reasons.