Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

Arizona Officials Working To Fix Campaign Finance Website

22 hours ago

Arizona officials are attempting to overcome glitches in the state’s campaign finance website as the election year approaches.

Ryan Heinsius

Arizona voters who forget to sign the envelope on their early ballots will have a chance after Election Day to fix their mistake.

Arizona has registered nearly 50,000 voters in the last four months.

It seems like a long way off, but state elections officials are already preparing for next year’s presidential election.

Arizona will spend at least $4.5 million to ensure hackers don’t interfere with the 2020 campaigns and balloting. KNAU’s Steve Shadley asked Secretary of State Katie Hobbs what is being done to specifically to protect the voting process…

Shadley: “Hello, Katie. Thanks for joining us. So, let’s talk about what’s happening…what are the measures in place?”