Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

A long-time Flagstaff restaurant has been purchased by the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise.

Food trucks. Wi-Fi. Hot showers.

Those campground upgrades could be coming to a national park near you.

Ryan Heinsius

As the federal government shutdown continues communities are stepping up to help furloughed employees and contractors. They’re offering a wide range of services—everything from food to acupuncture and even laser tag.  Beth Heenan owns the Village Baker in Flagstaff and is trying to make the shutdown’s impacts a little less acute by offering the most basic form of sustenance: bread. She spoke with KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius.

Ryan Heinsius

If you’re one of the many people dragging your feet to take down your holiday lights, here’s a little advice from 97-year-old Ethel Thomas, the grandmother of KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius:

“There’s nothing as over as Christmas.”

And that’s why a growing number of professionals have found a lucrative niche putting up and taking down lights and decorations. While you might not have the time and energy to do it, they certainly do for the right price. Ryan has this report. 

David Wallace/The Arizona Republic

A resolution passed this week by the Flagstaff City Council means local leaders won’t invest with any company or contractor associated with President Trump’s proposed border wall. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.