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Jan-Pac Raised $200 G in the Last Quarter

Jul 17, 2012
Gage Skidmore

Some state residents and businesses are opening their wallets -- wide -- to help Governor Jan Brewer elect candidates to federal offices who support her views.

Governor Uses PAC Money to Buy Her Own Book

Apr 18, 2012
Gage Skidmore

Governor Jan Brewer has apparently found a good place to spend some of the donations she is getting to her federal political action committee: buying her own books. 

Public Campaign Financing Deal Reached

Apr 3, 2012

A deal reached Monday will short-circuit an attempt to get voters to scrap public financing of elections. 

The 1998 law allows but does not require candidates to get public funds if they agree not to take outside cash. Foes, including business interests, have been unhappy with the plan for years. And they had the votes lined up at the Legislature to ask voters to effectively repeal the law. Sen. John McComish said the deal allows the system to remain in place, but with some new restrictions on how it spends money on public relations.

Dan Raustadt

It’s no exaggeration that big money has changed the political landscape this election year.

The Republican presidential candidates and the president himself have all turned to so-called SuperPacs which can raise unlimited amounts of money.

One of the more successful SuperPacs so far has been the one supporting Mitt Romney.

But one of the former Massachusetts Governor’s most ardent supporters is Arizona Senator John McCain, one of the sponsors of campaign finance reform.

And he's not happy about the contradictions.

Howard Fischer

A 2010 United States Supreme Court ruling says corporations have the right to spend as much as they want supporting or opposing any candidate as long as they do that independent of the candidate's campaign. Secretary of State Ken Bennett said some corporations suddenly popped up last year during the Phoenix mayoral race and the Russell Pearce recall claiming that they did not have to disclose the SOURCE of their funds.