colorado river

NPS Photo/M. Jenkins

Grand Canyon National Park officials have identified the person killed in a flash flood along the Colorado River as a 29-year-old Michigan woman.

Chitose Suzuki/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP

Farmers, conservationists and small-town business owners are calling for an end to what they call wasteful uses of Colorado River water. 


US Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed today to downgrade a Colorado River fish, the razorback sucker, from “endangered” to “threatened.” KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

Angie Ingram | Colorado River Indian Tribes Water Resources via AP

For thousands of years, an Arizona tribe relied on the Colorado River’s natural flooding patterns to farm. Later, it hand-dug ditches and canals to route water to fields.

Now, gravity sends the river water from the north end of the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation through 19th century canals to sustain alfalfa, cotton, wheat, onions and potatoes, mainly by flooding the fields.


Authorities say a Colorado man has died while boating on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.