Dew Downtown

Photo by Aaron Granillo

This past weekend, downtown Flagstaff transformed into an urban snowboarding course for the third annual Dew Downtown event. And between all of the tricks, jumps, grinds and grabs, there was also controversy. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, some locals were upset that the man-made snow for the course came from Flagstaff’s drinking water supply.

Downtown Flagstaff businesses are divided over the street closures accompanying the Dew Downtown Urban Skiing and Snowboarding Festival this weekend. While the city and some businesses say the event will give downtown a much-needed economic boost during its slowest economic month, other property owners say closing a vital street hurts their businesses in a variety of ways.

The festival will close N. San Francisco Street between Birch and Dale Avenues so that snow can be trucked in for participants to use.