Earth Notes

The Colorado Plateau is one of North America’s human and environmental treasures. Ancient cultures have called this land of sun-baked deserts and lush mountain landscapes home for centuries. Earth Notes, KNAU’s weekly environmental series, explores the Plateau by telling stories of the intricate relationships between environmental issues and our daily lives.

Rooted in science and wrapped in human interest, the two minute long segments encourage listeners to think of themselves as part of the solution to environmental problems. Upbeat and informative, the program tries to foster hope and dampen despair about the environment, and motivate listeners to become more conscious and informed stewards of the Colorado Plateau.

Tina Greenawalt/NPS

A dragonfly of the species Epitheca princeps is a showy creature, with broad, clear wings marked by bold black splotches. But its young have a much more hidden lifestyle.

Earth Notes: America Walks

Dec 5, 2018
Tamaya Wellness Center

Walking seems like such a simple activity. But it opens up the world, gives time to see the details, and fosters good health. And for a small pueblo in northern New Mexico it’s also a way to connect with their age-old culture. 

Earth Notes: Bald Eagle Survey

Nov 28, 2018
Dyer Lytle

Each year across the nation, including the Four Corners states, several hundred volunteers brave freezing January temperatures to count bald eagles. They hunker down on lakeshores peering through spotting scopes, drive standard survey routes clutching binoculars, some even observe from boats and planes.

Harun Mehmedinovic/

There’s something different about the streetlights in Flagstaff, Ariz., these days. They’re part of an experiment to find a lightbulb that won’t outshine the town’s starry night skies. 

NASA Earth Observatory

Volcanic eruptions are among nature’s most dramatic events. But sometimes their impact can vary a lot even over a small area.