Earth Notes

The Colorado Plateau is one of North America’s human and environmental treasures. Ancient cultures have called this land of sun-baked deserts and lush mountain landscapes home for centuries. Earth Notes, KNAU’s weekly environmental series, explores the Plateau by telling stories of the intricate relationships between environmental issues and our daily lives.

Rooted in science and wrapped in human interest, the two minute long segments encourage listeners to think of themselves as part of the solution to environmental problems. Upbeat and informative, the program tries to foster hope and dampen despair about the environment, and motivate listeners to become more conscious and informed stewards of the Colorado Plateau.

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There’s a movement in Flagstaff to change the name of a downtown street with a controversial moniker. City officials are considering several community proposals to rethink Agassiz St. It was named after Louis Agassiz, an influential 19th century biologist and Harvard professor. But his legacy is one of racism.

National Park Service

In 1956 the National Park Service launched Mission 66, a major effort to upgrade deteriorating infrastructure and meet demands of increasing visitation. The program was completed in ten years, marking the agency’s 50th anniversary—and its arrival into the modern age.

Photo by Katie Steiger-Meister/USFWS

The autumn air is filled with flutters of red, orange, and gold—but not just from falling leaves. Some of those bright colors belong to monarch butterflies making their seasonal migrations.

Earth Notes - Pando

Oct 21, 2020
Michael Collier

It’s a fine Western experience to wander through a shimmering aspen grove on a sunny fall day.  But one particular grove is especially stunning.

Earth Notes: Drones And Rock Arch Stability

Oct 7, 2020

This is Earth Notes.Thousands of visitors from all over the world come to the Colorado Plateau every year to see the area’s famed natural rock arches. But these geologic wonders can be fragile, with dozens of documented collapses since the 1970’s.