Earth Notes

The Colorado Plateau is one of North America’s human and environmental treasures. Ancient cultures have called this land of sun-baked deserts and lush mountain landscapes home for centuries. Earth Notes, KNAU’s weekly environmental series, explores the Plateau by telling stories of the intricate relationships between environmental issues and our daily lives.

Rooted in science and wrapped in human interest, the two minute long segments encourage listeners to think of themselves as part of the solution to environmental problems. Upbeat and informative, the program tries to foster hope and dampen despair about the environment, and motivate listeners to become more conscious and informed stewards of the Colorado Plateau.

Adopt an Arroyo

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a city of arroyos. More than 80 miles of these ephemeral waterways enter the main Santa Fe River that flows through the city. But many of the arroyos are ailing. Years of erosion and general neglect have worsened flooding during storms, leading to a lot of damage. Now, the nonprofit group Santa Fe Watershed Association has launched a recovery program called Adopt-an-Arroyo. It’s patterned after the group’s thriving Adopt the River program, in partnership with the city and county of Santa Fe.

Earth Notes: Jeweled Trees

Apr 22, 2020
Southwest: American

No one expects to see trees that look like jewels in the high desert of Arizona. But that’s exactly what visitors find in the Petrified Forest National Park – ancient logs preserved for millennia by a process that transfigured them into rare and beautiful stones.

Rose Houk

Bread baking is on the rise in the time of COVID-19 as thousands of people stay home and cut down on trips to the grocery store.  Some bakers are using an heirloom type of wheat flour that’s come back in fashion recently; White Sonora Wheat.

Associated Press

Every once in a while, ponderosa pines turn out a lot more seeds than in an average year, as a hedge against obstacles that threaten their regeneration. Hurdles like high-severity fires – which deplete the soil of viable seeds – drastically hamper forest recovery.

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Pablita Velarde is hardly a household name. But in the world of Southwest art, she is considered one of the greatest female painters of her generation.