The Federal Communications Commission has authorized more than $160 million to improve and expand high-speed broadband services in rural Arizona.

The FCC estimates the funding could supply upgraded internet service to more than 13,000 homes in rural parts of the state. It’s part of a nationwide authorization of over $4.9 billion to boost broadband service over the next decade for more than 455,000 homes and businesses in 39 states. About 44,000 homes would benefit on tribal lands across the country.


The Federal Communications Commission has proposed giving rural Native American tribes a priority filing window for licenses that could expand internet access on their land.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

The Federal Communications Commission has allocated more than $20 million to expand broadband internet on tribal lands in Arizona. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

(Benji Xie via AP)

A Native American tribe has plans to expand internet access on its northern Arizona reservation now that it has a permanent license from the U.S. government.


The Federal Communication Commission is lowering the rates for in-state telephone calls for prisoners, leaving the Arizona Department of Corrections with a potentially large financial hit.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports that the FCC's decision earlier this month to cap call rates will likely take money away from prison education programs.

Prison calls, which normally cost 24 cents per minute, will now cost 11 cents per minute. Calls typically generate about $4 million a year for the department.