KNAU's Morning Rundown: Thursday, April 22

Apr 22, 2021

Flagstaff Policing Discussion Slated For Monday

KNAU's Morning Rundown: Monday, April 5

Apr 5, 2021

Senate Bill Would Bar Driver License Suspensions For Unpaid Traffic Violations

The Arizona Legislature has approved a measure that would restrict the state from suspending an individual’s driver license due to unpaid civil traffic violations. The protection applies to drivers with a non-commercial license. S.B. 1551 was proposed by Sen. Paul Boyer and received bipartisan support. The legislation will now head to Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk to be signed into law.

KNAU's Morning Rundown: Wednesday, March 31

Mar 31, 2021

Today is March 31 — declared Cesar Chavez Day by former President Barack Obama to commemorate the Arizona-born activist and labor rights organizer. Chavez, who was born near Yuma, co-founded what is now the United Farm Workers of America. Grandson Andres Chavez will discuss his grandfather’s work at a virtual event through Northern Arizona University.

Here are some of KNAU’s top morning headlines:


The Flagstaff City Council says the local COVID-19 mask mandate will remain in place despite an executive order yesterday from Governor Doug Ducey preventing towns, cities and counties from enforcing them.

KNAU's Morning Rundown: Wednesday, March 24

Mar 24, 2021

Navajo Nation Reports No COVID-19 Deaths 3 Days In A Row