Angela Gervasi

 Parts of Flagstaff sustained unprecedented flooding this week as strong monsoon storms hit the area. 


Homes near the base of Mt. Elden have been particularly prone to flooding since the 2019 Museum Fire. KNAU’s Angela Gervasi caught up with Kathy Lozania, a resident of the Sunnyside neighborhood, as she and her husband dug out of the mud with the rest of their neighbors.

Angela Gervasi / KNAU

Flood waters flowed through Flagstaff for a second day yesterday, leaving several roads impassable and some residential streets looking like rivers.

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

Coconino County flood control officials have assessed damage from Tuesday's flooding in east Flagstaff.



Arizona Game and Fish Department

An endangered Mexican gray wolf from eastern Arizona has taken a risky journey over hundreds of miles to the Flagstaff area. It’s a rare instance of a wolf roaming so far westward away from the federally protected recovery population. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.


Douglas-fir trees are a well known fixture in the Pacific Northwest; their common name honors Scottish botanist David Douglas who collected seeds in Oregon in the early 19th century. But, an inland variety also grows here in the Southwest.

They grow mostly – but not exclusively – at higher elevations on cool, moist north-facing slopes. The Douglas-fir is a conifer, but is neither a pine, a spruce, nor a true fir. It’s in a genus all its own.