Flagstaff Police Department


The Coconino County Attorney's Office has concluded a Flagstaff officer was justified in fatally shooting a Boise, Idaho, man who attacked him with knives.

Flagstaff police announced Wednesday that a Coconino County Attorney's Office's report determined prosecutors won't pursue criminal charges against Officer Tyler Romney in connection with the February 2019 shooting of 47-year-old Henry Harold Russell.


Arizona police officers will receive special training in "de-escalation" tactics when responding to calls of bullying and fist fights at middle and high schools. The training is meant to calm down situations with communication rather than physical force.

Lawmakers have approved one million dollars in funding for the training. It is specific to altercations that don’t involve extreme violence, or school shootings which require different protocol.

Flagstaff Police Department

 A Flagstaff man says his rights were violated when police wrongfully arrested him on suspicion of selling LSD.


Flagstaff police say an officer shot and wounded a person sought on a warrant during a struggle as the officer tried to arrest him.

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police are investigating a hate crime at a local synagogue.