Governor Doug Ducey

Brent Brooks @brentbrooks

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey plans to attend funeral services for former President George H.W. Bush in Washington D.C.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and other top state officials on Monday certified the results of November's general election that gave the Republican governor a second term but also elected the state's first Democratic U.S. Senator since the mid-1990s.

La Paz County Sheriff's Office/KLPZ

Governor Doug Ducey wants to give Arizona voters a chance to abolish a constitutional provision that gives immunity to state lawmakers under some circumstances.

La Paz County Sheriff's Office/KLPZ

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed an executive order calling on state troopers to cite lawmakers if they break the law.

Capitol Media Services/Howard Fischer

Another legal challenge has been filed to a 2016 law that bars groups in Arizona from collecting early mail-in ballots from voters and delivering them as part of get-out-the-vote efforts.