Grand Canyon

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Here’s a fish story for you: what if you could get paid to go fishing all day? The National Park Service wants anglers to help get rid of exotic brown trout at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River. The agency is giving cash prizes for every fish to try to knock down their numbers. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, the program is an unusual experiment, designed to meet the goals of the Park Service but also respect the spiritual beliefs of the Zuni Tribe.

Poetry Friday: Take Me To The River

May 29, 2020
J.P. Running

The commercial river trip season on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park was supposed to have started in April. But, like most things, it’s been sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic This week, officials at the Park announced plans to let river trips resume in mid-June. It’s unclear how commercial outfitters will rebuild trip schedules and bring back employees J.P. Running has been a guide on the Colorado River for nearly 30 years. He is missing his job, obviously, but he’s also missing the Canyon. In this week’s Poetry Friday segment, J.P. shares a poem he wrote called Chasing the Seasons with Orion. It transports us to the banks of the Colorado River.

Cline Library, NAU.PH.

The stone layers of the Grand Canyon contain the record of millions of years of geologic time. But the human scale of time is more fluid. KNAU commentator Scott Thybony, today, brings us the story of Beamer's Cabin - an old stone cabin deep within the Canyon - and the role it has played in our perception of time. Here is Scott’s latest Canyon Commentator. 

Grand Canyon National Park / Erin Whittaker

Low, steady releases of water from Glen Canyon Dam are taking place this spring and summer as an experiment to increase aquatic insects on the Colorado River. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports, these “bug flows” benefit the river’s ecology and might even help anglers catch more fish.

The longest shutdown in federal government history is causing issues for workers at Grand Canyon National Park. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports people from around the state are pitching in to help ease food affordability issues at the canyon.