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Franklin D. Ross/AP, file

Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed into law a bill that allows Arizona’s community colleges to offer limited four-year college degrees. 



The Arizona Board of Regents has invited two candidates to interview for the position of 17th president of Northern Arizona University.


Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, N.M., has received $12 million from the philanthropist MacKenzie Scott as part of her multi-billion-dollar giving campaign this year. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

Melissa Sevigny

Tenured faculty once made up the majority of teachers at American universities. But over the last several decades, non-tenure-track jobs have been on the rise. Universities have come to rely heavily on a group of teachers called “lecturers” who work on short term contracts, and have much lower salaries than tenured professors. They often teach large lectures of freshmen and help young students navigate college life far beyond the classroom. But their positions are vulnerable, as the coronavirus pandemic made clear when universities began to cut budgets drastically. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports on more than 100 of those job losses at Northern Arizona University.


Public universities aren’t the only higher learning institutions facing steep budget cuts and enrollment drops as many students defer going to college because of the coronavirus outbreak. Coconino Community College is planning for at least a 10 percent decrease in students this fall, and leaders have begun to plan for how to contend with a decline in revenue. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius caught up with CCC President Colleen Smith to talk about how the school plans to adapt.


Arizona State University has announced plans to expand housing options for students at its Lake Havasu City campus this spring. 


Yavapai College this August will launch a program that teaches students about construction using 3D printer technology. The college says it is the first such program in the U-S, and that it could be key in improving the area’s affordable housing stock. 


The architecture school that architect Frank Lloyd Wright started nearly 90 years ago is closing. 

Northern Arizona University announced that it will make college a little cheaper for local high school graduates.


Researchers at the University of Arizona and Dine College are partnering to try to get more Navajo students into biomedical sciences.