Little Colorado River

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

The U.S. Interior Department in November filed a series of comments critical of two hydro-storage dam proposals on the Little Colorado River. One of the main concerns is the possibly detrimental impact to the endangered humpback chub. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

Several national environmental organizations are trying to stop proposals for four dams on the Little Colorado River. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports, they’re urging federal officials to deny initial applications for the projects.

Torrey House Press

An explorer who has paddled a raft on a series of rivers across the West shares his experiences and appreciation of nature in a new collection of essays. Utah-based journalist Zak Podmore’s book “Confluence” takes us on a journey on some of his recent rafting trips on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon…to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state and south to the Rio Grande along the Texas border with Mexico. Podmore will discuss his adventures in Flagstaff this weekend and he spoke with KNAU’s Steve Shadley…

National Park Service

The Hopi Tribe has weighed in against a large hydroelectric proposal that would build four dams on the Little Colorado River. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports. 

Project To Restore Murals At Grand Canyon Watchtower Done

Oct 7, 2019

A project to conserve murals inside a historic watchtower near the Grand Canyon's east entrance is complete.  The 1930s murals in the Desert View Watchtower have been worn down by weather and visitors over decades.