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Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

For anyone who’s spent time in the woods of northern Arizona lately, it’s pretty obvious how extreme the fire danger is right now. Vegetation is dry, stock tanks are low, and in some areas large-scale tree die-offs are a vivid reminder of the drought that’s plaguing the Southwest. In the midst of the region’s driest months of the year, many residents are growing nervous and officials are on high alert. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius recently met up with True Brown, fire management officer with the Coconino National Forest, to check out the conditions firsthand.

Ryan Heinsius / KNAU

A candlelight vigil will be held Thursday evening for a Flagstaff cyclist who was killed last week when a tow truck driver ran a red light.


A Wyoming smokejumper has died of injuries suffered last month while fighting a wildfire in New Mexico. 


Melissa Sevigny

A new study from Northern Arizona University looks at the long-term effects of restoring a forest with mechanical thinning and prescribed burns. The news is good: treated forests are healthier and more resistant to catastrophic wildfires, and those benefits seem to last. But climate change adds a wild card. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with forest ecologist Mike Stoddard about the findings.

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff police say a California tow truck driver involved in a fatal accident Friday that left one bicyclist dead and several others injured is no longer in custody at the Coconino County jail.