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Gov. Doug Ducey says Arizona mayors are free to make wearing face masks to slow the spread of coronavirus a mandatory requirement.

University officials say about 60% of employees at Northern Arizona University will take a pay reduction starting July 1 to meet a $100 million budget shortfall, a couple weeks after some faculty and staff were laid off.


Heavy winds and red flag conditions have caused significant growth of the Mangum Fire near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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Arizona hospitals are treating a record number of coronavirus patients amid a surge of new cases.


Antibodies are an immune response that linger in the blood of people who’ve recovered from a disease. That’s also how vaccines work—they teach the body how to produce those antibodies so it’s ready the next time the disease comes around. There’s no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, but scientists have developed blood tests that can identify antibodies against coronavirus. In KNAU’s weekly update on the science of COIVD-19, Melissa Sevigny spoke with infectious disease expert Dr. Paul Keim about why these antibody tests matter for public health, and what it means when the results say someone is “sero-positive.”