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Winslow Indian Health Care Center

There are now more than 100 known cases of the coronavirus disease on the Navajo Nation. Doctors trying to diagnosis and treat the disease face serious challenges in this rural region, including the vast distances between patients and hospitals. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny spoke with Dr. Gregory Jarrin about the unfolding crisis. He’s a general surgeon at the Winslow Indian Health Care Center.

University of Arizona’s medical school announced Friday that it will give free tuition to some students who commit to working as primary care doctors in underserved areas, an effort to improve access to health care in areas where it’s most lacking.

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Arizona has changed its medical records law to prevent patients from being denied access to their files, officials said.

Coconino County has some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol-related hospitalizations in the state, and those rates are increasing. 

Melissa Sevigny

The Grand Canyon’s rim-to-rim trail is not an ordinary day hike: a marathon in distance, a mile change in elevation, through a desert that swings through extremes of heat and cold. Rim-to-rim hikers put their bodies through a grueling experience. That makes them the perfect candidates for a study aimed at predicting medical emergencies before they start. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.